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Since it’s inception,some year now World Safari Land Tours has been aware of the needs of sharing benefits realized from our Tour operations with the Tanzania community .Being a Tanzanian company ,”born and raised in Arusha Tanzania .We have the obligation to contribute to the well being of the Tanzania community in our small way through our Tours trips benefits with no intention whatsoever of publicity. Our support was and still is directed towards health care,education,life skills and the environmental surroundings to the mostly based,Street kids , orphans and underprivileged boys & girls.

World safari land tours is trying in supporting few orphanages and individuals orphans in Tanzania mostly basing with their educational needs,life basic needs in human and health. We have found dedicated to this sections of the population & to other underprivileged individuals boys and girls whom we are with  great eager to support & help from each and every Trips Tours benefits raised from the safari services made through us and the profits accumulated from them .
Building on our community projects by giving an helping hand as away of commemorating for some years now since the founding of World Safari Land Tours .We have gone astep further and launched World Safari Land foundation in Two years now to help us co_ ordinate our philanthropic commitments,This is an independent organization run by World Safari Land Tours Board of trustees.
 World Safari Land Tours has since overseen several projects in Arusha county in Tanzania  (the most tourists city)among the projects of supporting the orphans,orphanages homes,the Maasai Women and Street kids to be able to cater their daily normal living life.
 The opportunity is ours and yours to share as one to make sure we are supporting the underprivileged individuals boys & girls ,unhealthy kids,street kids,life environment,and orphans .Just feel it how sad it is when young kids dies by hunger,kids with poor health and young orphans street kids with non to support them make a life,it hurts !! but remember your one Tour safari trip with World Safari Land can cater the young innocent soul a living from  any small profits encountered from your Tour trip 25% belongs to the community and underprivileged individuals .
 Booking your Tours safari adventures with World Safari Land Tours can create  a generation with applicable knowledge,Godly life skills,Better healthy,Education to have prominent people in the society and the world at large,Your Safari Trip with us  gives a chance to several underprivileged individuals to make a breath in daily life.
Book your safari with us & join our hands to change some one his/her life today.

Welcome to World Safari Land Tours,Together we create a better tomorrow.

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